Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Lighter Side of Adult Children of Divorce

The ACOD's (Adult Children of Divorce) Guide to Surviving Thanksgiving
How to Hold it Together when Everyone's Pulling You Apart

Thanksgiving. It's a beautiful holiday-candles on the table, the turkey, golden brown and fragrant, all the special dishes you remember, the family together being a family and being grateful. But if your clan is more like the Osbornes than the Osmonds, or if Mom and Dad have split and Mom married a guy with ten kids and Dad moved to Wisconsin with his new wife who keeps insisting that everyone fly out to be with them on Thanksgiving, or if your significant other is also an ACOD and the two of you are at odds about which side of the family gets the honor of your presence, then deciding what to do can make you, well, a little queasy.

Hopefully the following suggestions can help you weather the domestic storms that holidays can spark for ACODs and let you emerge with the minimum of hurt feelings while actually enjoying yourself.